Le Service Technique des Remontées Mécaniques et des Transports Guidés (STRMTG)

STRMTG is a national technical agency that is part of the French ministry of Ecology Transition

Our mission is ropeway and guided transport safety.

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20 March 2020

Ladies and gentlemen,

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus and related confinement measures, the STRMTG has implemented a huge plan to work from home : all our buildings are closed and all agents are working from home.

In this very particular situation, the time taken to deal with the different requests is likely to increase and various non-essential operations will be postponed.

Nevertheless, every effort will be made to minimise possible delays and to maintain a certain fluidity of activities. Exchanges will take place exclusively in a digital manner until it is possible to reestablish ordinary communication.
Read following…

17 October 2017 (Updated on 9 January 2018)
16 May 2017

The STRMTG activity report for the year 2016 is out.
Please come and take a look at it…

It reflects the will of the service to prepare for the future while staying as close as possible to its work environment without overlooking its operational missions, which are the basis of the STRMTG activity and the ground of its technical knowledge and expertise.

17 April 2017 (Updated on 16 May 2017)
Following a few months of brainstorming and discussions on the topic, the new regulatory texts on guided transports were published this Friday, March 31st, in the Official Journal. Of course, this has to do with the awaited STPG decree, but also the decree related to the safety of railway traffic on some local railway tracks bearing freight transport, as well as the related application decrees. These texts come into effect on April 1st, 2017. The main evolutions of the STPG decree are summarized here…
16 December 2016 (Updated on 23 February 2017)
The technical guide related to Tramway front end design is available in English. This document contains the requirements for front end design elements that will reduce the severity of a collision between a tramway and a third party or another tramway.