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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus…

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Published on 20 March 2020

Ladies and gentlemen,

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus and related confinement measures, the STRMTG has implemented a huge plan to work from home : all our buildings are closed and all agents are working from home.

In this very particular situation, the time taken to deal with the different requests is likely to increase and various non-essential operations will be postponed.

Nevertheless, every effort will be made to minimise possible delays and to maintain a certain fluidity of activities. Exchanges will take place exclusively in a digital manner until it is possible to reestablish ordinary communication.

With this objective in mind, all external STRMTG partners are invited to duplicate their correspondence with an electronic version, if necessary with scanned attachments. All of our partners will continue to be able to contact the agents directly by e-mail and/or mobile phone at the usual times.

The STRMTG will make every effort to guarantee, as far as possible, the continuity of the public service and its teams will remain fully mobilised.

Yours sincerely,
Director of the STRMTG