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EC conformity

STRMTG is a notified body

STRMTG organization and missions as a Notified Body

Organization and missions

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Published on 31 August 2021

Since January 2003, STRMTG has been in charge of implementing the conformity assessment procedures provided for in the Directive 2000/9/EC relating to cableway installations designed to carry persons.

Our services
We assess conformity with the essential safety requirements of the European Directive 2000/9/EC :

- all safety components mechanical (cabin, chair, sheave, roller battery, tow-hanger, rope, tensioning device, brake, safety devices for station, …) and electrical (electrical equipment, line monitoring system, remote control, …) according to module B, D, F, G and H of annex V
- all subsystems according to annex VII.

Our services are usually developed in two phases :
- a technical assessment based on the documentation provided by the manufacturer justifying the type design : conceptual design, design calculations, safety analysis, test reports, condition of use, operation guide, maintenance guide, …
- an assessment through a visit to the manufacturer’s premises, based on the audit techniques to examine the safety components manufacturing processes, the quality system with its operating procedures, the qualification of personnel involved, the tests referred and achieved, the handling, the traceability, etc

Our assets
A team of engineers and technicians experienced in the transport safety, ready to help your innovation developments.

Technical expertise, reactivity, independence and confidentiality to ensure the safety of persons (and the safe operation of the

Our organization and our competences as an inspection body are recognized by our ISO/CEI 17020 accreditation, issued by the COFRAC.

Our organizational structure : STRMTG-NB1267_aug2021 (Format pdf - 132.2 kb - 04/11/2019)

to contact us :