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About ropeways



Draglifts or ski-tows

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Published on 14 April 2006 (updated on 24 April 2006)

Draglift (TK for "TélésKi" in French) is a device that includes a running rope called towing rope allowing the skier to be hauled on a track laid out on the ground.

There are three types of draglifts:

Draglifts with rod
The skier is linked to the rope by an extensible rod. Its grip is either detachable or fixed by a tight grip that always stays at the same place on the rope. It is wide spread in France (about 2,800 installations).

Draglifts with springbox
The tow-hanger is linked to the rope by a non-detachable grip. The skier is pulled by a rod connected to a cord fixed on a box with a springbox.

Low level ski-tows
The rope is maintained at a very low level (about 80cm high). Either the skier is pulled by a tow-hanger fixed on the rope or the skier grabs hold of the rope and then lets himself be hauled.