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Ropeways in France

Facts and figures

Number of installations, traffic, investments, events

Facts and figures about ropeways in France

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Published on 18 April 2006 (updated on 25 April 2006)

Number of installations

There are a total of 4,000 ropeways operated in France including 1,120 aerial ropeways and 2,800 draglifts. No other country in the world possesses as many installations : French ropeways represent about 15 % of all ropeways in the world.

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The FIRM databasecontains the technical and administrative specifications of French cableways for passenger transport.

Each installation is registered in the database with the name of the mountain resort, the name and type of ropeway, the manufacturer, the year of construction, the season of operation, the capacity, the vertical rise, the length, the average slope and maximum slope, the transport capacity, operational speed.


During the 2004/2005 winter season, total traffic in France was estimated at 700 million travels.

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New installations in France in 2005 represented total investments of 200 million euros.

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During the 2003/2004 winter season, only 20 notable events for 737 million travels took place, including :

  • 16 important accidents with 16 severely injured people
  • 4 events which could have resulted in severe injuries but did not.

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