Safety management system

In France, all operators of ropeway installations and/or mountain resort conveyor belts must implement a safety management system (SMS) covering all their installations.

What is an SMS?

Safety management systems are tools for operators designed to enhance user safety, as already exists for other modes of transport. They organise and structure the organisation’s resources, rules, procedures and methods to ensure safety.

What are SMSs used for?

They reinforce the overall approach to safety management by including technical, organisational and human aspects into facility management, so as to demonstrate every operator’s ability to manage risks and ensure safe management.

Regulations governing ropeway installation SMS

French Tourism Code
Decree no. 2016-29 of 19 January 2016 (link to the French legislation website) amended the French Tourism Code and made it compulsory for all operators of ropeway installations and mountain resort conveyor belts to draw up a safety management system.

Order of 12 April 2016 on SMS
Specifies the requirements for the contents of safety management systems (SMS) of ropeway installation and/or mountain resort conveyor belt operators, the approval of SMS guidelines by the Prefect and the implementation of periodic inspections.

STRMTG implementation guides

RM-SGS1 for SMS content (in French)

Explains the expected content of the SMS and gives examples of the tools and organisation to be put in place within this framework.

RM-SGS2 for periodic inspections (in French)

Explains how to implement the periodic inspection of management systems provided for in Article R. 342-12-2 of the French Tourism Code. Periodic inspection by an approved or accredited body is an alternative to the procedure whereby the Prefect approves the SMS guidelines and then STRMTG alone inspects the SMS. The RM-SGS2 guide provides information to professionals on how to prepare, implement and follow up periodic inspections.

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