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Published on 19 July 2019

Ministry for Environment, Energy and the Sea

It is organised around four main areas:

    • Contributing to spatial planning by planning and financing the construction of railway, public
      transport, river and port infrastructures;
    • Participating in improving security and safety for all land and sea transport activities;
    • Contributing to achieving a balance between the various modes of transport;
    • Helping to develop other modes of transport as alternative to road transport;
    • Guaranteeing compliance with technical, economic, and social rules in a transport market, which is
      deregulated at European level, by drafting regulations and regulating the market.

The DGITM conducts certain of its missions in partnership with major public companies falling under
its authority, such as Réseau ferré de France or Voies navigables de France which construct and
manage infrastructures or the SNCF and the RATP which provide transport services.

The DGITM contributes to the government’s action at regional level thanks to the privileged relationship
it maintains with the decentralised departments (regional Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs directorates,
maritime departments within the departmental Infrastructure directorates, etc.).

The DGITM’s action falls in line with the European and international dimension common to all modes of

  • Land transport accident investigation bureau (BEA-TT)
    The BEA-TT’s activities cover a wide variety of areas. The Bureau deals with railway transport, urban guided transportation systems (underground, tramcars), cable haulage systems, road transport (notably heavy goods vehicles and public transport by coach and bus) as well as navigable waterways.


  • OITAF International organisation for transportation by rope
  • OIPEEC International organization for the study of the endurance of ropes
  • Manufacturers: